The Data We Collect

Overcode Software sends certain metrics to our analytics system, and we want you to understand what is being sent and why it"s important to our ability to continue to improve the product and provide you with a better experience over time.

Why do we need usage statistics?

We use these statistics to analyze the fragmentation of versions, which means how many people use which version. We track how many people are actively using Songify and how many overall installs we have.

What does tha data we collect look like?

Depending on the application, there is different software we collect.


With Songify, we have two different kinds of data we collect.
1. Songify Usage Data

UUID        - Randomly generated identifier
Timestamp - The current time
Activity - wether Songify is running or not
Twitch ID - User ID of the Twitch account
Twitch Name - Username of the Twitch account

2. Song data
UUID        - Randomly generated identifier

Artist - Artist of current song
Title - Title of the current song
trackid - Spotify TrackID of the song
length - Length of the song
requester - Who requested the song
played - Wether the song has been played or not